I imagined a scene of seduction: my lover and I on the fluffy rug in front of a blazing fire. He is naked; a sheen of sweat coats his body, reflecting the dancing flames. Languidly, I hand him a flute of a heady champagne mix I concocted, to refresh and reinvigorate him. He sips, his skin cooling, breathing slowing. I watch the champagne bubbles dance around the raspberries floating just below the surface…

Inspired by this image, I vowed to create the perfect Champagne Seduction to turn my fantasy into reality.

The vineyards of the Champagne region in France originated with the conquering Roman legions in the first century B.C.; but it took almost 1,000 years for Champagne to begin its rise to association with royalty and luxury. In 987 A.D. Hugh Capet was crowned king of France in Reims, and wines from Champagne were served at the celebration. Coronation and champagne at Reims was the tradition for the next 800 years.
The le vin du diable (Devil’s Wine) was not invented by Dom Perignon as commonly held, but he did invent the muselet (wire collar) that allowed fermentation to be controlled in the bottle. The muselet and other advances ultimately allowed champagne to be bottled on a commercial scale by houses such as Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin and Louis Roederer.

The bubbles in the devil’s wine are credited with much mischief. Early on, they created havoc in wine cellars by causing bottles to explode. Effervescence is also believed to help speed absorption of champagne’s alcohol and to provide an erotic assist to the libido.
The sweet tartness of raspberries marries well with the flavors of champagne. Raspberries have long had erotic and romantic associations. “Nipple fruit” is the slang term for raspberry, according to the urban dictionary. Nipple fruit packs a lot of antioxidants and vitamins into a small package – healthy choices are always good for the libido.

So, champagne and raspberries form the core of my new libation. Then something tart to provide a bit of fresh kick. And something to help the drink go down smoothly, like honey flowing off a honeycomb. Honey – the nectar of Aphrodite – another potential ingredient.
I assembled the candidate ingredients: champagne, raspberries, framboise liqueur (or cassis de framboise) and Chambord (raspberry liqueur), honey, lime, lemon, Gran Marnier, and champagne flutes. I also recruited a male taste tester. I created, we tasted and compared. We tried the different concoctions with chocolates. A seductive libation HAD to enhance chocolate or its erotic potential would be wasted. We returned a few days later to retry the leading candidates. And, as the final test, we proved the drink was indeed an aphrodisiac (and how!).

And so, below is the recipe for Kestra’s Champagne Seduction. A perfect libation to craft for an erotic gathering of two or more. I suggest you prepare the syrup ahead of time and clean the raspberries. Dress as seductively as you dare. Add soft music and light some candles. Before your lover(s) arrives, experiment a little bit with the proportions of syrup and champagne in your glass until the sweet, tart and bubbly balance is just right for you. Then relax and let Champagne Seduction help “Laissez les bon temps rouler”!

Kestra's Champagne Seduction


6 oz. frozen limeade concentrate, thawed
2-3 tablespoons honey, warmed
2 tablespoons framboise liquor
Chilled, dry champagne
(Summer variation: Fresh Mint)

Ahead of time: 1) Thaw frozen limeade and bring to room temperature. 2) Add warm honey and framboise to the limeade. 3) Mix well.

When ready to serve: 4) Add a few drops of framboise to champagne flute and twirl to coat the inside of the glass. 5) Bruise 2 raspberries per serving (pinch the berry between your nipple and fingers) and drop in flute. 6) Add 2 tablespoons (or to taste) syrup to each flute. 7) Fill each glass approximately ¾ full with champagne. 8) Optional: Add fresh mint leaves. (This provides a pleasant summer scent and subtly enhances the flavors.)

If you try my recipe, please drop me a line at Kestra@KestraGravier.com or use my Contact Form to let me know what you think.